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Instructorium, a Dhaka-based educational platform, fuels your professional growth with diverse learning solutions. Whether you crave online courses, live sessions, or offline programs, they’ve got you covered. Their expertise lies in tech, IT, programming, digital platforms, and freelancing, empowering individuals through industry-driven skills development. Instructorium is your launchpad to career success, fostering a supportive environment for you to thrive. So, dive into their comprehensive courses, engage in live interactions, and unlock your full potential. Let Instructorium be your guide to a brighter future in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Instructorium offer a diverse array of technical and non-technical courses, focusing on tech, IT, programming, digital platforms, and freelancing. Our services encompass online learning, live interactive sessions, and offline programs to nurture skill development. Through comprehensive industry-driven courses, we empower individuals to grow professionally in a conducive learning environment.

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About Us

Instructorium, a subsidiary of Akbor Skills Development Limited (RJSC Reg No C-190671/2023), is a dynamic educational platform committed to providing a diverse range of technical and non-technical courses. Our institute focuses on nurturing skills through online learning, live courses, and offline programs. We specialize in tech, IT, programming, digital platforms, and freelancing courses.

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To empower individuals by offering comprehensive, industry-driven courses and fostering a learning environment conducive to skill development and professional growth.

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We specialize in tech, IT, programming, digital platforms, and freelancing courses.

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